The Crew

Brynley Farr
Creative Director
ByFarr owner Brynley Farr is a native sandlapper raised in rural SC. As a child she was obsessed with creating- blank paper became books, shoeboxes became robots and pantyhose eggs became snow globes so "work" is her dream. Brynley loves the process of research and design; most of her work begins as coffee stained sketches and comes to life through collaboration with the outstanding team.  
Laura Windham
Lead Designer
The daughter of an artist and an accountant, Laura knew she wanted to be a graphic designer since she was seven. She is a self-proclaimed nerd, and can often be found lecturing the team on the merits of Harry Potter. She enjoys traveling all over the globe, exploring the mountains and... cats. When you visit ByFarr, you can probably spot Laura by the smoke coming off her keyboard.
Lindsay Colvin
Market Partner Coordinator
Lindsay is a born and raised South Carolinian, with a thick southern accent to match her southern charm. She loves being outdoors with her husband and pup, and taking long walks near the Congaree River. On any given day you can catch her reading Southern Living magazine on her back porch or baking a pound cake in her kitchen. At ByFarr, Lindsay schedules social content and keeps projects rolling along.
Shana Wanco
Junior Designer & Presswoman
Shana was the odd-ball artist of her family amongst engineers and bookkeepers, but now finds her place alongside the creative minds at ByFarr. When she’s not running the 1905 Chandler & Price letterpress or working on a design project, she and her husband love traveling to the mountains or spending time with their puppy. Shana keeps the press running when she’s not working on a design project.
Besides being ByFarr’s favorite team mascot (sorry Finn, the fish!), Captain lives in Chapin with his owners, Brynley and Chris. He loves swimming, paddle boarding and chasing his cat, Junior. His jobs at ByFarr are barking at the UPS truck and sunbathing in front of the glass doors, which keep him very busy every day. He’s only 4 years young and looks forward to being the only shop dog for quite a long time.



From casting off to pulling anchor to raising the sails, each member is a vital part in making the ship move forward. And, well, we love anything to do with water.